Aluminum PCBs - Cool Boards for Hot Moments

High-Power LEDs do not only make a lot of light

But they release a lot of heat too. This heat harms components, limits the use and can become a serious risk to the product itself. Thus one should dissipate heat from the printed circuit board in the best possible way. That is where the new technology of aluminum PCBs comes into place. 

Level 1 - Aluminum Carrier PCBs 

The easiest form of aluminum PCBs are single sided PCB layouts, printed on a aluminum carrier of almost any thickness. Currently we can offer aluminum carriers from 0,5mm to 3,0mm thickness. Drills and sophisticated outlines are possible as well as v-cut/scoring of aluminum PCB panels. A very common combination are aluminum boards with white solder mask. This reflects light the best.

Level 2 - Aluminum Core PCBs

A step further are 2-layer PCBs with copper structures on both sides of the aluminum. The aluminum in the middle of the layers classifies it as a "aluminum core", instead of a simple "carrier". Here we offer core thickness ranging from 0,5mm to 2,4mm. The big advantage of the aluminum core PCBs are the plated drills through the core which interconnect both sides and make double sided assembly possible. 

Our Aluminum PCBs will cool your boards down

Both types allow higher packing density for high-power LEDs and will improve the life-cycle of your product. Heat dissipates from the hot-spots in an optimal way. Additional cooling elements which directly contact the aluminum PCB are common ways in PCB heat management. We offer this sophisticated new technology for samples/prototypes up to mass production. We can also assemble the aluminum boards and deliver the completed goods to you - ready for distribution.