Security for Your Competitive Advantage

Your know-how is secure!

LeitOn HK Ltd. being located in Hong Kong provides you with 100% legal security. Further, our service puts Germany based LeitOn GmbH's reputation to the test. The companies cooperate closely enabling you to complete all transaction via LeitOn GmbH if desired. Your business is then conducted in Germany without giving up any of the advantages for producing PCBs and components in China.

Good things take time... We know your concerns and have a solution

Whereas there is little fear of know-how theft during the production of PCBs, there are valid fears in areas of component production and particularly development services. These highly sensitive areas are only given to specially selected partners. In the area of development this is an enterprise working reliable and discreet for years, comprised of outstanding German and Rumanian engineers. The mutual linkages and the present German-Chinese management welcome you to establish a confidence building basis. We will not disappoint you and you will feel secure with us.