Hong Kong, Gateway to the Middle Kingdom

The path of your PCBs and components always passed through Hong Kong

Whoever procures PCBs, electronic components or technical equipment cannot avoid this city. The world's harbor for the world's "workbench".  With a population of 7 million Hong Kong is one of the largest and most exciting cities in the world. Some districts in Kowloon are inhabited by up to 50,000 people per square kilometer - the highest population density in the world. In 1997, after lease agreements for the "New Territories" expired, the entire city was returned to the People's Republic of China by the British. Initial fears that new regulations and massive mainland Chinese immigration would ruin the city's economy have not come true.

Hong Kong is booming! For a good reason 

The contrary is the case - Hong Kong is booming. Countless companies are locating here to establish a direct link between China and the world market. A stable economic and legal system, as well as its British roots enable you to quickly feel at home here. The jump in at the deep end when it comes to directly procuring PCBs and components from China turns out to be like a familiar one in home waters via Hong Kong with its global character.

For more information about Hong Kong please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hongkong