PCBs in Various Technologies

Consulting and Competency regarding Printed Circuit Boards - Our know-how for your PCBs

Production of rigid or flexible PCBs varying in specifications, technologies, and deadlines have been our main pillar for a long time. Benefit from far-reaching know-how communicated in friendly and competent consultations. A production tuned for extremly fast express services in Germany is perfectly complemented by Hong Kong Ltd.'s large volume production competencies. Quality standards are to meet Western market demands.

Overview of our services

  • Rigid or flexible PCBs
  • Various material thickness starting from 0,3mm to 3,2mm
  • Various copper layer thickness starting from 18µm to 210µm
  • Standard material FR4 or special materials ISOLA for high temperature- and Rogers for high frequency applications.
  • PCBs from 1 layer up to 18 layer multilayer
  • Surfaces immersion nickel-gold, immersion tin, HAL lead free, OSP, connector gold
  • Microvias, blind vias, blind vias, buried vias
  • Impedance controlled PCBs
  • Special print (Karbon, peel off etc.)
  • Solder stop and legend print in all colors
  • Electrical testing (flying probe or adapter test)
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Mechanical processing of scoring paths, chamfer, routing, punching (also combined) or laser (for flexible PCBs)
  • Design Rules Check (DRC), plausibility testing of the layout and competent consulting
  • Blanket order and delivery lots for just-in-time production
  • Production time starting at 6 working days for large volumes, 12 hours for prototypes and samples.

Wordwide express prototype production!

For PCB prototypes or express service please visit Berlin, Germany based LeitOn GmbH's web page. We are pleased to produce your PCBs quick, of high quality, and low priced. A detailed online calculation is available at: www.leiton.de