Quality, Reliability and On Time

Western European quality standards at Chinese market prices

Our quality inspectors and engineers are constantly traveling in China to monitor AQLs, as well as to approve products and to conduct audits. Depending on the requirements partners with the necessary ISO certifications can be chosen. Close collaboration with our partners enable successful and on time completion of the most challenging projects.

Guangdong, China - The world's workbench

Since the 80's a perfect infrastructure for production of electronic components and PCBs in all their depth has been created all in Hong Kong's vicinity. Industrial parks accommodate PCB manufactures, assemblers, cable and inductor producers, plastic injection molding and many additional enterprises in a compact area. This concentration is reflected in growing know-how and continuous improvement in terms of quality and on time delivery. Decade-long, large volume production for foreign customers has significantly improved many producers' understanding of quality.  The times in which China stood for cheap and inferior products have past. We have selected superior partners and provide you with evidence that China can we low priced and good at the same time.

ISO9001:2000 Myth in China

We would be pleased to offer you more pleasant information, but we do not wish do deprive you of our experiences in China. ISO-certifications in China by far have less to say than in industrialized countries. Here other things than a certification on the wall decide on quality, reliability and accountability. For this reason we see no other way than to constantly convince ourselves of production and business processes in place personally.  Mutual trust and commitment for a lasting partnership result in better outcomes here than paper and seals.

If desired you are welcomed to come visit us on site and you can convince yourself personally of the production quality, as well as management's know-how and business processes.