Samples in Advance? We are Happy to Provide Tangible Arguments!

Production or functional sample - as you wish!

Once samples have been tested to your satisfaction, delivery is fast delivery is usually possible. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to test your PCBs or components for functionality and quality. Thus, allowing changes at short notice until your products can go into final production. After you approve the samples quantities can be delivered in one-time bulk or in form of lot orders.

Function and Quality - Test your samples in advance with prototypes!

We supply you with PCBs and components as functional samples and quality samples. Both are possible at short notice. Whereas functional samples usually are part of the testing phase, production samples precede mass production. Once you have tested functionality and quality nothing can get in the way of final production of your products.

ICT and E-test - All prototypes are 100% inspected for functionality!

All PCBs tested 100% electrical tested. For prototypes we usually use finger testers. In-Circuit-Tests (ICT) are included for components. At this stage we already test the prototypes according to your test instructions. As desired we can also carry out climate, endurance or other strain tests. Communicate your desired test instructions to us and we will thoroughly test your products!