In the End it Comes Down to the Price

Let us help you reduce your costs

Key arguments against production in the Far East are increased travel costs as well as communication difficulties and misunderstandings which can provoke high cots. All these factors are accounted for in our model and are directed in a way to let the advantages for producing in China prevail. Fast delivery times due to large capacities, flexible production due to low set-up costs and last but not least, substantially lower prices for your PCBs and components due to lower production costs.

This is how you use your competitive advantage:

  • Low to no travel expenses
  • Communication in your local language
  • Contact person available around the clock
  • Direct, trustworthy and determined actions by LeitOn HK Ltd.

Match ball customer- We want the advantage for you

We are always interested in long-term relationships which build upon transparency and sincerity. This is only possible if we generate the optimal competitive advantage for you. Our pricing strategy does not have room for short-term profit optimization. You will always receive fair and extremely competitive procurement prices from us. Higher- than- average service is included!