Clear Layout and Low Price - Quotations that Convince You within Seconds

Clear appearance without small print

Apart from the low price our clear quotation layout will convince you within seconds. We can quote in any of the following currencies:

EUR - Euro
USD - US Dollar
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

Scaled prices, sample prices, mass production prices, lot prices - You enquire, we make an offer

Examples of common quotations for printed circuit boards PCBs and assembly.

  • Mass production prices & set-up
  • Scaled prices & set-up
  • Lot prices & set-up
  • Sample prices for any kind of project

What you can expect:

  • All prices are quoted including shipment, excluding customs (DDU - Delivery Duty Unpaid)
  • We do not offer any payments by letter of credit
  • The quotations are valid for four weeks
  • If there is not sufficient information about the project we will quote non-binding
  • The terms of payment can be negotiated individually
  • Some mass production projects require down payments
We do not just quote to you. We convince you!