Your Project in Reliable Hands

Instant printed circuit board quotations, PCB assembly quotes within three days

Initially all received documents undergo a feasibility check. We will clarify questions with you directly in English just as if you had inquired your domestic market supplier. All communication with the Chinese supplier is handled by us. We do the necessary translation of your inquiry information and negotiate your project with our production partner. Standard projects like printed circuit boards (PCBs) will be quoted right away. For PCB assembly we usually need three days until you receive a quotation. If desired, we can include price optimizing suggestions with the quotation.

The 3 golden rules for your optimized price - Your information affects the outcome!

1. Tell us your target price
A target price helps negotiating with our partners and adjusting production planning. PCBs or assembly - we will do our best to beat your target price!

2. Data tells more than words
Complete production data, bills of materials (BOM), Gerber files, PCB layouts, drawings and test instructions help us to understand the complexity of your product. This will assure you the best possible binding price.

3. Stay in touch
A contact person in charge of the project with all necessary information is very valuable. Please give us the opportunity to contact you in case of questions. A phone number and email address can accelerate the quotation process.

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