Fast and Convenient Orders by Email or Fax

The more precise your inquiry information, the faster you will get the desired product

Please send us the purchase order including final production files of the PCBs or assembly project.  The more complex the project is, the more information we will need from you. Usually you can refer to the following list. 

Purchase Orders of Printed Circuit Boards

PCB layout data in one of the following data formats:

Technical Specifications - anything that does not emerge from the PCB layout

  • Surface finish (HAL lead free, immersion gold, immersion tin, OSP, etc.)
  • Special paint (for solder mask or legend print)
  • Special materials (FR4, CEM1, ISOLA, Rogers, High-Tg materials, HF-materials, etc.)
  • Prints (peel off, carbon, etc.)
  • Testing (electric test, ICT, climate test, etc.)
  • Copper thickness (18µm to 200µm for prototypes, up to 140µm copper for mass production
  • Material thickness (0,05mm flexible PCB to 3,0mm rigid PCB)
  • Mechanical processing (routing, scoring & routing, punching, chamfer, etc.)
  • Tolerances (special tolerances for PCB production)
Panel information - We are pleased to set your panel:
  • PCB Panel arrangement
  • Desired panel size
  • Detailed panel design for exact reproduction
  • Fiducial mark
  • Mechanical processing of the outlines (scoring and routing paths etc.)
  • Special PCB tolerances

PCB assembly additionally requires the following information

Bill of Materials (BOM) and component information
  • List of all components
  • Respective lot size of the components
  • Components specifications:
    • Size
    • Pitch
    • Tolerances
    • Special requirements of the components
    • SMD or THT
    • Manufacturer's information (e.g. serial number)
    • Provision or procurement by us
  • Assembly layout
Samples significantly speed up assembly and provide for best possible compliance. Should the provision of samples not be possible for you, please provide us with pictures of the modules.

Circuit diagrams are not imperative for PCB assembly and module production, but during module testing (In-Circuit test) they are checked. This requires making adapters as well as, in some cases, programming of complex test routines. These tests as well as the equipment are inclusive. However, the circuit diagram is a prerequisite for us to conduct the tests.

Casing diagrams for production of plastic molds or metal casings are necessary to produce the relevant tools. These should include dimensions, tolerances, material specifications, color, etc.

Please indicate your desired shipping method with your order

Delivery of assembled PCBs can be via air or sea. A combination of the two is possible as well: sea-air freight. These options will vary in price and duration.