Service is the Nucleus of Quality

Your advantages are our strength: Chinese language and Chinese business culture

We offer you first class service in the areas of cost optimization and finding solutions for component and PCB production. Translations, market research, audits and process controls belong to our service as well as multilingual contacts for English, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese. LeitOn GmbH's contacts based in Germany are available to you as well. 

Our service for your competitive advantage

  • Investments in selected production companies in the area of PCB production and assembly
  • Selection and negotiation with suppliers
  • Translation of inquiry documents
  • Fostering business relationships
  • Permanent presents on the Chinese
  • Quality inspection and AQL
  • Contacts speaking your language

Presence and company linkages - this is how we optimize your competitive advantage

LeitOn Hong Kong Ltd. doesn't act as simple distributor, but rather is constantly present in China to, as an example, conduct quality assurance and project meetings for your product. The linkages with the suppliers range up to shareholding, granting LeitOn Hong Kong Limited tremendous influence. This ensures continuous quality, reliability and stability for your products and is the base for perfect service.