Development and Component Optimization

Cost optimized development with a goal: mass production

Development of entire product lines directly in the later producing company leads to tremendous competitive advantages. Applying a design optimized for production allows time and cost savings as well as increased quality. An apparent paradox turns out to be the truth!

European Engineering in China- Conscientious, Competent and Goal Oriented

German and Romanian engineers develop your products in close collaboration with you. Continuous consultations will result in  customized results for following mass production. Quick adaptation, revisions, software updates and vertical extensions of the product portfolio are made possible within little time. Time consuming and error prone communication between developers and external production completely avoided. As possible direct communication is desirable here, only German and Rumanian developers are hired. Sample production and time consuming technical trials and testing are supported by our Chinese technicians.

We Don't Face Challenges, We Solve Problems

We offer development services for a wide range of product areas. Circuit diagram, PCB design, creating injection molds, 3D design of mechanical components and casings, as well as software development for microcontrollers are a snapshot of your product range. Everything can be covered and made ready for production. Interface software or database systems which will  later  connect to the device using a normal computer can be programmed as well.

Overview of Specific Development Know-How

  • Circuit diagram development
  • PCB disentanglement
  • 3D casing designs
  • LCD modules and LCD panels (TN, STN, FSTN) - numerical and graphic
  • Microcontroller programming (4 Bit Epson, 8 Bit Samsung, TI DSPs, 8051, PICs)
  • PC applications and databases as interface solutions for technical devices - including via TCP/IP
  • High frequency modules
  • LED-lighting and lamps
  • Motor controller
  • Power supply
  • Alarm systems

Development is Good Only If the Outcome Can be Realized

We have recognized this for a long time and are successfully pursuing this strategy. Our developers can substantially influence the realization during production. Their tasks as project coordinators in mass production provide them far reaching know-how far exceeding the prototypes. This saves you time and money.