Outsourcing - Another Step Towards Efficiency

Your competition is already here! When will you strike back?

Outsourcing or relocating production abroad are a controversially discussed topic with many pros and cons. LeitOn Hong Kong Ltd. advocates that areas with negative earnings or low margins compared to the competition are in need for outsourcing. In the end it your position in the market, flexibility, and therefore your future is on the line if you do not consider this trend.

We are pleased to support you in relocating production projects in the areas of:

  • PCBs
  • Component assembly BGA, COB, SMT, and THT
  • TFT-displays, LCD-panels and LCD-modules

Trust is essential - Visit us.

As a trustwrothy partner we will identify suitable production plants for your products and personally supervise the project transfer for you on site. Your know-how is protected by long-term partnerships and financial linkages. Get to know us and inquire components from us. If you are interested we would be happy to welcome you for a visit to China and Hong Kong.