"All Inclusive" Assembly

Your completely assembled PCB from China

SMD, BGA, THT assembly, assembly, as well as various additional services have been out daily business for a long time enabling us to be your reliable and competent partner. Next to PCBs and assembly with various components, we can provide production of individual cables and inductors. We can make casings from different plastics or metals should you need any. Everything can be delivered to you in its final packaging. Your product: inexpensive, professional, and 100% tested. Let us be your competitive advantage!


  • Automatic SMD-assembly (SMT Surface Mount Technology)
  • COB Chip on Board
  • Bonding
  • BGA-assembly with X-ray check
  • THT wired components
  • Mixed assembly reflow soldering and wave soldering assembly of casing, cables and PCBs

Component Testing

  • 100% electrical tested PCBs
  • 100% ICT (In-Circuit-Test) of the entire module
  • 100% functionality test according to your test instructions
  • 100% Burn-In
  • Climate tests
  • Endurance test

PCB Production

  • Various special materials
  • 1 layer to 14-layer multilayer
  • Rigid or flexible PCBs

Metal Parts

  • Stamping parts for casing
  • Bent components for battery fixture, grinders etc.
  • Front panels


  • Plastic cards according to your needs (POM, ABS, PA66, PVC etc.)
  • Various colors available
  • Top-quality plastic molds for lasting quality


  • Plastic casing
  • Metal casing

Additional components

  • Magnet
  • Inductor
  • cable
  • LCD-panels and LCD-modules


  • Air cushion bags
  • Cartons
  • Vision panel
  • Labeling and complete designs according to your instructions
  • Packaging reading for sale

We Provide Quality and Reliability

You would like to have samples in advance? Of course we produce 100% tested samples in advance to convince you of our quality, reliability and know-how.