Direct and Without Detours - Global Procurement Feels Local

You can pay with your preferred currency

You have the option of buying your PCBs or components with your preferred currency. Our international currency account at HSBC enables you plenty of freedom. We accept the following currencies:
  • EUR - Euro
  • USD - US Dollar
  • HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

Eventual transaction fees are to be borne by the customer if not otherwise agreed upon in writing. To avoid these fees we offer our European customers to complete the transaction through LeitOn GmbH in Germany. Customers from the rest of the world may directly make payments to our Hong Kong account.  

Terms of Payment- Negotiable

Mode of payment for your PCBs or components generally is negotiable. Please consider that  large disbursements need to be financed in advanced. This can be done by you in form of a down payments or by us in form of higher prices - we can't do magic tricks. Smaller quantities usually do not make this necessary, allowing payment upon delivery or by long-term term of credit. Talk to us and we will find a solution