Flexible PCBs- Revolutionary Design

Flexible circuit boards are up and coming. Thanks to many advantages which you too should use!

Flexible PCBs save weight, room and if correctly put in action money too. Therefore, minimizing must not always incur additional costs. Particularly extensive wiring with various soldering points is omitted, saving money and time during mass production. Additionally, flexible PCBs nestle to the casing and are lighter than the greater than 10x standard FR4 material.

Your application allows for flexible PCBs? Don't hesitate and do the calculations. It could be worth it! We are happy to consult you.

  • Space saving-  Flexible PCBs nestle to the casing in an optimal way.
  • Weight saving - Next to space, you save unnecessary weight.
  • Cost saving - Connectors could become obsolete by making the entire PCB flexible.
  • Heat resistance- Flexible PCBs made from Polyimide (Kapton) are heat resistance while remaining resistant to deformation.
  • Continuous operating temperature of up to 200° C possible

PCB production with flexible substrats has several advantages. Make use of them and chose from a wide range of production technologies. Various types of material and technologies are possible:

  • Substrate thickness: 0,05mm / 0,075mm / 0,10mm / 0,12mm (plus copper layer)
  • Layers: 1 layer to 4 layer multilayer PCB
  • Through hole plated drill
  • Solder mask/ Solder mask foil
  • Surfaces: immersion tin, OSP, immersion nickel-gold
  • Copper layer thickness: 18µm / 35µm
  • Material types: polyimide (Kapton) / polyester (PET)
  • Structures: starting at 3mil (0,075mm)
  • Drill diameter: starting at 0,15mm
  • Final panels: laser, punching
  • Electrical function test
  • Legend print
  • Stiffening for connectors
  • Two sided adhesive film for easy assembly

Of course production of prototypes for quality evaluation is possible at short notice. Inquire your flexible PCBs and we will promptly deliver highest quality.