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PCBs and Components sourced reliable in China

LeitOn HK Ltd. offers you a direct link to PCB, assembly and development facilities in China. Offices in Hong Kong and Berlin provide for smooth processing and communication in languages you are accustomed to. In Europe we serve you directly and in China we represent you at the suppliers to create optimal procurement conditions. Nothing changes compared to sourcing from your close supplier. We establish the direct link for you.

Overview of your benefits

  • Low priced PCBs and assembly
  • Production optimized development services
  • Western European understanding of quality
  • Familiar language and business culture
  • Business transactions via Germany possible

Get in touch with us for more information and use us to your advantage!

We are happy to provide you free quotes for PCBs and assembly. We can consult your to optimize layouts or designs for ideal mass production. Regardless if its rigid or flexible PCBs, SMD or THT assembly, we will accomplish it for you - flawless, fast, and low priced.

At LeitOn PCB spell out to "Printed Cervice Board". Test our service!